Rainbow Girls:

"A gang of sweet angels punching you in the heart."

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Follow us on our journey as a band (and a three-headed-dog) as we live, create, and discover the meaning of life together.  Each month or so we'll make a special video with an up-close look at our lives behind the music.

Rainbow Girls Make History With
First All-Female Show @ The Fillmore

Rainbow Girls organized the first ever entirely female line up at one of San Francisco's most famous venues: The Fillmore. Joined by 3 other bay area artists -The SHE'S, Hot Toddies, and Kendra McKinely- the Rainbow Girls made their first big dent in San Francisco history.

The flyer for the event (pictured left), designed by our own Caitlin Gowdey, was featured on the cover of The New Fillmore for the month of January.  Read the full article here!