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Pledged of $50,000 goal

Thank you! A little from a lot goes a long way <3
Preorder the album!
(we'll ship a CD to you *for free* on or before release day)
We'll send you any 1 item from our merch store. Your choice ;)
Get a *signed* copy of our new album on vinyl (free shipping)
Get our "New Record Care Package" filled with goodies
delivered straight to your door!
You're so sweet :) We'll make you a personalized thank you video of us singing your praises! (and a song off this record)
Get free VIP tickets and join us backstage at a show near you!
You're going above & beyond! We'll send you a personalized video with a song of your choosing <3
Book us for your own personal livestream show!
Invite your friends and family over. We'll be taking requests :) 
You're our hero! We'll bring the show to you and play a very special concert in your own living room*
*Only available in North America
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