We just found a small box of vinyl with both our first and second records in it!


There are 25 vinyl of The Sound of Light (our first record)

and only 15 vinyl of Perceptronium (our second record).  


These albums are records of our roots, our youth, and our band in its earliest stages.


We won’t be pressing more of these, so get them while you can!




Released in May of 2013, The Sound of Light was our debut  album.  With the help of almost 200 fans, friends, and family members, we managed to raise over $15,000, allowing us to leave Garageband behind and record our very first studio album.

     (Still eternally grateful to all yall <3 )


This record is also a double album, featuring 17 songs written and recorded almost a decade ago.  The album artwork was done by our very own Caitlin Gowdey.

The Sound of Light (Vinyl)


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