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Surprise!!  We dropped a special live album on the final day of 2020 as a parting gift for such an intense year.


While We Wait is an unconventional live album featuring songs from our various virtual shows.  These recordings are not perfect and this album will never be on Spotify, iTunes, or any other mainstream platform.  This is merely an offering to our fans and friends who have unwaveringly been there for us.
“This isn’t a studio album; you couldn’t duplicate these performances in a studio without an audience. And it’s not a live album with a full audience, but hundreds of fans at home. It’s ‘2020 Live’, and … what we are documenting here is an important and remarkable time in history, that never ever happened before, when musicians performed their asses off with hardly anybody in the room… It really is historic.”

     - Mike Berliner (fan-turned-friend)

While We Wait: 2020 Live Album (download only)

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